Why Eyeliner Is An Import Part of Every Girls Makeup!

What are eyeliners?

Eyeliners are cosmetics that are used for defining the eyes. They are ink like substances applied around eyes contours to create aesthetic effects of a wide variety. They are products for the ladies mostly to boost their beauty. They are special types of makeup applied to emphasize the shape of the eyes. They are available in a wide range of varieties. Such include the pencil, cake, liquid, gel eyeliners among many others.

Eyeliners can be used to show various looks. They are multitasking makeup products. Single eyeliner can be used differently so as to produce up to five looks for you. Eye lining your eyes places more emphasis on a single most lively feature. This can produce a needed polish touch on a certain day when you are short on the time. When used well, they play an important role in the evening makeup type. You can also spice things by layering on the sultry shades hence achieving smoky eyes you see commonly on magazines and red carpets. It is important therefore to have eyeliners to complete the makeup kit. There are many different colors of eyeliner.

Daytime weekend casual look

eyelinerFor this casual look to be achieved, the eyes should be lined on the outer and upper eyelid only. The appropriate eyeliner type applicable is the pencil eyeliner. The liquids are not recommended as they are not easy to work with. You are however allowed to use any of your choices if at all you are comfortable with it. You should then dot the eyeliner onto the top eyelid while getting closer to eyelashes as you can. You can then use a makeup brush (cotton swab) and sponge tip to blend dots made on eyelids together and hence make your makeup look almost undetectable and natural.

Working look

The eyeliners can as well help you to create a look that is effective for your workday. It involves less effort and less time to makeup. You first apply an eye shadow that is neutral. Then you can line the outer, lower and upper corners of the eyelashes by use of dot on and connect method. Then, blend the eye corners together in a V shape. You can then smudge the eyeliner to prevent the hard line being visible.

Day to evening eyeliners look

This look is easily created by lining lower and outer eyelids as well as upper and outer eyelids. Thin or thick lines are both applicable for use in this look. This will depend on the woman’s preference. Thicker and softer lines are preferable for those with larger eyelids. Thinner and more pronounced eyeliner lines are preferable for those with smaller eyelids. For lower eyelids, dot method is applicable whereby dots are placed as close as possible to each other and the eye lashes. Smudging can also be done for looks emulating thick and lower eyelashes. When using the liners in cold weather periods, you can warm the eye pencils to prevent it from dragging after application to the eyelids. This is by finger rubbing or running warm water on them.

Evening out look

This look can as well be created by use of eyeliners. This is by lining the upper as well as lower and outer eyelids and then lining the inner lower lid rim. The rim is sometimes advised not to be lined by many professionals. It is however not harmful if the hands is clean and the eyeliner is free of debris that can fall on the eyes.

Party eyes look

When you are going for parties, the eyeliners can yet be modified again so as to have a look applicable to the party. It is a nice one for eyes that are sultry. It involves covering the entire eyelid with dark gray, smoky eye, eye shadow, deep bronze and other light shade colors. You can then line upper and outer rims by use of liquid or pencil eyeliners. The same can then be done to the lower and outer rims. BAD gal eyeliner is fatter and black one, and it is the most recommended for this look.

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